The environmental impact of the Hub is a major consideration in developing the project.

We have a unique opportunity to design the building to be as energy efficient as possible at this stage. Once operational it would be much harder and costly to implement features at a later stage.

  • Insulation
    Fully insulate the entire building on the inside and also replace all doors and windows to reduce heat loss as far as possible
  • Energy Consumption
    Incorporate energy efficient features such as controlled LED lighting, energy efficient equipment, use of induction cooking technology
  • Water consumption
    Low water use appliances
  • Waste/Recycling
    Limit food waste and compost where possible, local produce sourcing, favour responsibly packaged produce, recycle where possible

Hydro Electricity/Heating

The Alt Mhor Hydro scheme is located approximately 150m from the Hub.

Unfortunately due to both legal constraints and a technical issue we can not purchase electricity directly from the Hydro scheme.
However one solution is that the private Hydro scheme installs the heating system into the Hub on our behalf. This system would most likely be an electrical Air Source Heat Pump system which would provide all the heating and hot water requirements of the Hub. The hub would purchase the GREEN “heat” produced rather than direct electricity.

Electricity from the grid would therefore only be required to provide lighting and run appliances.